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Our philosophy of care is based on the principle of “supporting independence“ by helping clients achieve their full potential whatever their level of ability.

The staff team receive on-going training and are encouraged to obtain further qualifications – including NVQ training - supported and funded by ourselves, in order to develop their career. Our objective is to have continuity of staff. A first class environment and quality training are key to achieving that goal.


A Life of Care Working for Broadham Care- Ranworth House Eastbourne

I first came to work at Broadham Care through an agency and after a short period I was offered a permanent full time position and have now been with Ranworth House for 8 years. Joining the staff at Ranworth House was a pleasure after having worked in care for most of my adult life the staff and atmosphere at the home was one of the nicest and friendly I have come across. I settled into the job and my responsibilities very quickly and after a short period was promoted to a senior position.

We are very lucky at Ranworth House to have a good established management and staff base who have been with the company for many years and any new staff coming in tend to settle in very quickly and stay with the company for a longer time than with any other home i have worked with this is undoubtbly helped by the close ‘Norking relationship the directors and senior management have with the home, they have always been very supportive and understanding not only with work but also with personal issues.

All the clients we support have complex needs and it is important for them to have a safe, secure and calm environment to help them cope with their everyday needs, we pride ourselves in offering personal centred care and good team work and strong management are essential to ensure that we are all the best we can be. Although working with clients with special needs can be extremely challenging at times it is also a hugely rewarding career and I have never been more happy and grounded in my work than I am now.

Tanya - Ranworth House Eastbourne

2010 – Following many years in the care industry caring from young people to old. I came across an advert in my local paper that was advertising for a senior support worker position at Broadham Care.

At the time I was quite disheartened with the current jobrole I was in and felt that no matter how many extra hours I put in, I was not making a difference as, the company I worked for could not meet the staffing or the care needs that were needed for the home. I felt unsupported and demoralised within my team. I had sleepless nights and was at an all-time low and did not want to be working for an organisation that didn’t care.

I was interviewed in July 2010 for the senior support position at Ormesby House in Oxted. My first impressions when I walked through the door was how wonderful the place felt. A great atmosphere, clients smiling and wanting to tell me all that they do within and out the home. I could not believe the difference in the standard of care that was being given compared to my previous home. I think deep down inside I questioned if this was actually too good to be true.

I was offered the position immediately and I remember leaving the home with a warm feeling that this was going to be a great job. At last a company that cared and listened.

Although I came into the position with various training. I was taken back to basics and given all the training that I needed. I had a 12 week induction that gave me the opportunity to learn about each client on a weekly basis and not like previous employments where you just got chucked in at the deep end. I was fully supported by the team and the company every step of the way. I was sleeping at night why? Because the clients were really being cared for in a person centred way. There was and is always enough staff to give each individual client the care, attention and support that they need. A great staff team that work together bringing the best high standards of care.

2011 – I was given recognition from the company and was promoted to deputy manager. They certainly stuck by their words of progressing staff that were committed to the home. I undertook my diploma 5 in Management and Leadership. This was at a cost of just under £2,000 that the company paid for. Now that is a great feeling from people who believe in you and notice your abilities.

2013 – I became the registered home Manager of Ormesby house and I am very proud and very passionate about the home that I run along with my dedicated staff team. Our clients here are happy and living every day to the full. The reason for our success and happy clients I believe is because of the team work and the support that we are given by a company that cares and goes the extra mile.

I would urge anyone looking for a change or a career move to think about Broadham care. It was the best move I ever made and just look how far I have come.

Tina Read

“The house is really well run with excellent facilities.”
Tanya, Senior Support Worker

“Our management team is supportive and passionate about achieving a high level of care for our clients and their enthusiasm is passed onto the staff team.  Joining Broadham Care was the best decision I ever made.”
Emma, Support Worker

“It’s lovely to come into work and see the smiles on the clients faces because they are happy at home, and happy that you are here to help them.”
Alisa, Support Worker

“I like the way the managing director shows his appreciation for your hard work, in the way of letters and verbal communication.  They also give you gift vouchers to say thank you.”
Jenny, Support Worker

“The client is very happy and the staff team are a true asset to the company.”
Care Manager

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